5 Myths About Coworking

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1. These spaces are just for  startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Already this is a long list of people. With over 300 million startups emerging every year this is certainly not a niche market.  However it is not just the startup that benefits from these shared office models. A shared office space is actually the perfect setting for a larger established company. The next big disturbance in tech or other trades is often coming from a startup. So it would make sense for an established company to want to sit near one of these potential ‘big things’. Coworking spaces have already been known to house large international companies such as Nvidia.

2. Too loud! Too distracting! Too social!

Yes! We are a social bunch! We love to network and bounce ideas off of each other. But as with everywhere else we know that there is a time and a place for such things. Lunch is a great time to be social, everyone gathers in the kitchen and share food as well as stories. Weekly happy hours or occasional meetups are also great for socializing and networking. However as for the rest of the time we want to get our work done as much as you want to do yours. All offices have the option of closing their door to the public. It is your choice whether you want to be social or reclusive.

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3. It’s just like renting an office.

It is like renting an office only waaay better. Here you rent month by month instead of an annual lease. This way if your company hires more over the next few months you don’t have to go find a new office to sit in, but just rent an extra desk in the same space. You also have the opportunity network within the shared office space, perhaps even find your next employee or investor. Oh, and did we yet mention Happy Hour? Once a week all our MIXERS gather together for a themed Happy Hour consisting of boozy beverage and fun snacks!

4. A coworking space cannot accommodate my needs

There is absolutely no need to worry about this. These spaces are filled with printers, high-speed internet, multiple outlets, meeting rooms with TVs, and items you need but just don’t know about it yet. We have already thought about it just so you don’t have to!

5. All spaces are the same.

Every space has their own design and their own flare. Some are geared towards specific types of businesses and some are for all. Some are small with only a few companies and some seat 800+ people. It is important for you to go visit the spaces and get a feel of what each one has to offer.

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