But first coffee… is it a lie?

עסק בצמיחה

Whether you are working from an office, home or a café odds are you have had a coffee today, maybe even a few. Caffeine is proven to be a powerful and highly effective stimulant, boosting productivity levels and allowing one to stay awake and aware for longer hours. Some of us swear by it while others swear against it. So here we question does coffee really help us or does it hinder us?

Many studies have proven positive and negative affect of caffeine and over caffeinating. Coffee does increase our alertness and gives us that boost of energy that some coffee drinkers cannot go without. Coffee also has the potential to lower risk for certain diseases as well as provide with essential nutrients.

Many people enjoy coffee after coffee without any complaints, however without realising it they may be doing more harm than good when downing another cup. Most frequent coffee drinkers can attest to the withdrawal symptoms that plague them every morning prior to their first cup, but the surface symptoms are not the only downfall to our favourite drug.

Caffeine can have tremendous effects on our stress levels and digestive systems. When drinking coffee you are releasing stress hormones cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine. These chemicals will increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Yes, this does give us that energy boost that we crave when we pour ourselves a cup, but this also makes us jittery and can increase our stress levels causing potential long-term problems. On top of this coffee is also highly acidic which can lead to heartburn, ulcers, or even IBS in those who are predisposed.

Although coffee may seem to be the answer nothing compares to real rest, taking a nap or even taking a walk outside can give you the boost that you need. It is indisputable that coffee assists in in boosting our productivity, however maybe it’s time to rethink your approach to this stimulating drug.

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