Cloud Product Suite for Co-Working Facilities

The surge in popularity of Co-Working facilities across the global office real estate landscape is expected to introduce a new a way for companies to consume resources while leveraging the purchasing power of community, and the benefits of transferring G&A operations to the facility.

The new era of workplace environment is, therefore, here, and it’s about to affect how B2B software products are consumed by a growing number of Coworking resident companies.


Utilities, interior design, maintenance, realtor expenses, down payments, construction and furniture costs are some of the expenditures already covered in most Coworking facilities’ business models. What the future holds are more and more products and services to be marketed and sold to end users that occupy these Coworking facilities, and the evolution of the method in which they will be packaged and delivered to these users, or members – as they are often referred to.


Coworking facilities strive to provide a consistent experience of simplicity and on-demand availability, in the form of plug & play solutions the members can utilize and consume according their needs.

Such solutions are now beginning to be introduced into the IT and Cloud Services arena, where members of Coworking facilities can login to an e-commerce interface and not only regain full control over their IT expenditures, but also benefit from a one-stop-shop experience where these expenses can be paid via the Coworking facility to the provider, and the costs are therefore reflected in the monthly bill to the facility. These provide yet another layer, of simplicity in the month-to-month management of operational costs. Packaged with exclusive benefits and on premise support to sweeten the deal, make it a bargain for the young startup company that is constantly tackling more tasks than can be handled and a budget-oriented outset.

Last week MIXER TLV had launched a partnership with Bezeq Intl. and Microsoft, offering its members access to a wide range of Microsoft products and Azure Cloud services via an ALSO e-commerce interface. The platform provides an easy and familiar purchasing experience, accompanied by a managerial dashboards and reporting capabilities, granting MIXER members control over their IT costs.

Additionally, the activity is launched at a remarkable discount of 3 months’ FREE license for Microsoft Office Business Suite and FREE Passes for Azure usage for MIXER Members. To top it all, MIXER will host Azure Architecture specialists for free consultation sessions, and support.

The partnership is expected to become an extension to the service level MIXER members are accustomed to, with an innovative approach to cover more of our members’ business needs.


For more information on MIXER’s partnership with Bezeq Internationald and Microsoft, or if you’re interested in getting quote for your next office at MIXER TLV, please feel free to contact us.



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