Don’t Just Sit There

כישלון בעסקים

10 ways to move while in the office

We are all well aware that sedentary behaviours can lead to health risks such as cardiovascular issues or weight gain. Unfortunately in this tech driven world we tend to spend the majority of our time sitting at a desk in front of a screen. Regardless of how you choose to do it, here are some options for ways to increase your mobility while at work:

  1. Stand at your desk – switch between standing and sitting while you get your work done
  2. Stretch every hour – set a timer and have a plan. Set which stretches you want to do on what hour.
  3. Opt for the stairs – Why always take the elevator especially when only moving one or two flights. Try to take the stairs next time. It will save you the time of waiting for the lift and your body will thank you later on.
  4. Take a walk around the building – jealous of all those smokers getting many more breaks than you and always having the excuse to go outside? Don’t let that limit you from going outside more. Take a walk around the building. When you need to refresh your mind or just need the fresh air going outside always good for you.
  5. Join a fitness class either before work or during your lunch break – many offices, like that at MIXER, have showers so you don’t need to worry about going back to your desk smelly and sweaty.
  6. Sit on a workout ball – Sitting on a workout ball for the majority of your day has been proven to relieve back pain, burn calories, and tones core muscles.
  7. Park a little further – Give yourself the opportunity to add extra walking to your day. On average we should walk at least 6,000 steps a day. Try to add a few more steps to this count where possible.
  8. Step counter competitions – This is fun way to increase your step count while at the office. A little competition between co-workers can be the perfect way to do this. Bonus if you give the winner a prize!
  9. Drink more water – Staying hydrated is essential for your health,  but on top of that increasing your water intake gives you the need to get up constantly to refill. Another excuse to leave your desk and move a little bit.
  10. Walk and talk – instead of a formal sit-down with one of your colleagues try taking a walk with them.

Exercising is great, but combining this with the 52/17 rule (from our last post) will take you to a whole new level. Get ready, you are about to be the most productive worker in your office!

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