Eat Well, Live Long

The modern-day office lunch trend is to always order-in. With the need or want to stay at your desk and the ease of not needing to make your own lunch, the attraction is hard to resist.

Making your own lunch can be too time consuming for the full-time worker. Most days we are compelled to stay at our desks to finish off that important task. You may also feel obligated to stay in the office and socialize with your colleagues, building at-work relationships become more difficult if we leave the office for lunch every day. On top of all that, apps such as 10bis make ordering food from around the city more convenient. So why make your own food when you have a phone or an app at hand that can order a warm, freshly made lunch for you. This is why we opt towards food options such as burgers and pad Thai. Unfortunately with these foods come a hefty amount of salt, cholesterol, MSG, and more. Every day we do not leave our seats and eat these unhealthy options we are saving time, but at what price?

At MIXER we value your time and your health. We want you stay at your desk when need be, but still provide you with healthy, restaurant quality meals. This is why we offer healthy food options in the fridge and a pop-up chef every week. Eating healthy can not only reduce risks of heart disease and cancer, but also improve your mental health.  Overall providing your body with the right fuel can lead to a longer and more lucrative life. If you want to make a change follow our lead and choose from our selection of fresh vegetables or order from our pop-up chef.

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