Making Light Work

משרד להשכרה במיקסר תל אביב

It’s officially summer and the sun is out! Longer and brighter days are filling our homes and offices with a natural warm glow, brightening our moods and bringing us out of our winter daze.

Unfortunately for most of us we cannot take full advantage of the sunlight from where we sit at our desks. Therefore we must make-do with artificial lighting indoors. Poor illumination in the workplace can lead to eye-strain, headaches, and even depression. A poorly lit office is not just a sad place to work from, but a real health concern.

Companies are always faced with the question of how to improve the working conditions for their employees. The answer can be as simple as office aesthetics, that includes the lighting conditions. When seated in a cowork, such as MIXER, the company no longer needs to plague themselves with those responsibilities.

MIXER provides not just a desk, but an enjoyable atmosphere as well. We understand that the majority of your day takes place indoors, and so we illuminate your workspace and your minds. The proper lighting enhances the mood and atmosphere making for a more proficient working space.

Your office should be able to create an experience, not just a work space. Looking for an office landscape that inspires? Come for your tour of our lit spaces.

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