Mixing at MIXER

עמדת עבודה לפרילנסר

Networking has always been an essential to anyone that runs an independent business. Whether it is consciously done online, in a formal meeting, or even through a casual conversation, networking is present and an integral part of independent working.

Networking is the action of connecting to others, and developing these contacts with the intention of furthering your career.  You want to publicize your occupation and the services you provide. Consequently, any act of spreading information relating to a business may be considered an act of networking. Usually this is done through meetups, conventions, and online networks such as LinkedIn.

Many of us now entering the ever changing professional world are innately tech-savvy and therefore have no trouble in making connections online. However in-person interactions can be uncomfortable and intimidating. The more time we spend in front of our computers the less practice and the less opportunities we have to make these in-person networking connections that are markedly important to the success of our business and betterment of our careers.

Joining a cowork is a simple and convenient way of solving both problems. It saves one time, effort, and money when it comes to searching for meetups and networking events. As well the shared space is made to be conducive to interactions between people and companies.

At MIXER there are shared kitchens where various companies can be seen making their lunches together, an easy comfortable way of making connections. If you choose to skip you lunch or eat at your desk, not a problem. Every week there are happy hours where everybody bands together for sweet treats, beers and inter-company mingling. If that’s still not enough to convince you that a cowork is the perfect space for you to start your in-person networking listen to this! The community managers will do it all for you. They know your company and your companies needs as well as every other business renting space in their offices. They know who to connect you with and when to set it up.

Need a new employee? MIXER community managers will set you up with one of their headhunters. Need a website designer? MIXER has plenty seated throughout the complex and know exactly which one you will mix with nicely.

In conclusion, the best networking opportunities available to you may simply be in your own office. Need to mix? Come to MIXER.

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