My New Coworker is GREEN

Humans are innately attuned to feeling comforted and calmed by the presence of nature. However this happens to be contrary to our daily activities. We surround ourselves with walls blocking out the natural scenery and shutting in the circulating air.

Numerous scientific studies have come to the same conclusion; the more greenery that we keep inside with us, the better. Plants offer both healthy and clean air for the employee, boosting health and spirit, as well as enhancing the physical design of the environment.

Enhancing your work environment with the natural beauty of plants will heighten the aesthetic and morale. Studies have shown that employees, clients, and visitors alike feel invigorated and less dreary when an office is filled with greenery. Whether it is a cactus or a tree, filling your work space with plants can reduce depression, fatigue, and even sick day amongst employees.

It is not just about sitting there and looking pretty. Office plants also have major health benefits. All plants clean out carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen. Some of them including English ivy, Boston ferns, and dracaena, and peace lilies clean dangerous chemicals coming from cleaning products and building materials that tend to get trapped indoors.

So when you are looking for some new office decor why not go green? Don’t delay, start growing today.

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