Spotless for Spring

The sun is out and the air is changing, and with that our need to refresh. Not just cleaning the winter blues out of our homes, but also from the office. All those old papers piling up, snacks hidden in the drawers and of course the millions of stick-it notes that just have to be thrown away. Now is your time to tackle it all.

With everything you have on your plate it can be hard to prioritize cleaning, but it still must be done. It is important to remember when you have a clean workstation you will boost your efficiency, productivity, and overall morale.

First step, go through all those papers you have lying around and sort. This includes the filled to the brim notebooks, and old magazines. Throw away all those old business cards you have no use for, recycle all those loose papers that simply take up space, and organize everything else into labeled folders and binders that can be neatly tucked away.

Next, think about what you actually need on your workstation, what you use every day should be kept at arms-length. All of those folders and binders and papers can be kept in a cabinet elsewhere. This way you will not clutter up your workstation with unnecessary items, and you will not waste time searching for that stapler that wanders off daily.

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Set limits. Think about what you actually use on a daily basis. Do you actually need the 53 pens that are all scattered across your desk? Not likely. Buy for yourself organizational tools, a cup for your pens and scissors, or a desk organizer that has openings fit for pens, paperclips, USB’s, or something larger. These can be stackable, colourful, but most importantly necessary to keep your desk clutter-free.

Everything that has been removed from your desk should not just be tossed into the ‘junk drawer’ as on most days. Now you are on a roll so let’s keep it going. Get a cutlery tray for that junk drawer, and label it so that everything has its place.

From your desk top, to the desk drawers, what is left is that big tangle of chords spilling out from under your desk. You can use cable ties, duct tape, elastic bands, or even paper towels rolls. Separate that nest of chords and then wrap them up so that you will have some space for your feet.

Lastly, your digital desktop. Your office may be clean and organized, so your computer must be too. Organize everything that has been cluttering up your desktop all year. Delete old emails, move everything into digital folders instead of loose items.

It is amazing how a clean workspace can make you feel better, and work better. You present as more professional when your desktop is not too cluttered and you will work more efficiently. So time to get to work. Think spring, think clean.

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