What are MIXER’s operating hours?

MIXER is open 24/7, but standard operating hours are 07.00-23.00, and front desk service is provided Sunday-Thursday between 08.00 and 18.00.

What is included in a MIXER membership?

Membership covers access to the office complex and all associated costs, including office rental, management fees, municipal taxes, electricity, water, air-conditioning, etc. Additionally, members benefit from 360 package of services such as high-speed wireless internet, use of meeting rooms, printers, scanners and copy services, use of open spaces, lounge areas and kitchens (including a variety of hot drinks, beverage bar, milk, refrigerators and microwaves). Also covered are cleaning and maintenance services, a P.O box, a staffed reception desk, our community managers supporting our member community, and MIXER members' events.

What types of workspace solutions do you provide?

We offer private offices in various sizes and are able to accommodate custom requests, alongside dedicated desks in a shared workspace.

What private offices do you offer?

At MIXER there are private offices in various sizes, ranging from single-person offices up to offices suitable for 14 occupants. Alternatively, we offer dedicated premises for medium and large businesses.

How long is the contract period?

We offer a flexible monthly contract that adapts to your changing needs. The contract is monthly, beginning on the first of each month, and allows for changes with 30 days notice. For those able to commit to a longer period, we are delighted to offer special discounts.

How do I get there?

MIXER TEL AVIV is located in a separate wing of the new Building 2 in Tel Aviv Convention Center. You can reach MIXER quickly and easily through all means of transport:

• Quick and direct exit from the dedicated interchange “Mercaz Hayeridim” from Ayalon Highway for those coming from the south. Exit at Rokach, continue straight, then take the second right. Continue to merge into Isaac Romba Street towards Gate 7

• The University train station is a few minutes walk from MIXER. Trains from the North, the South and the East all arrive here, so there is no need to change trains if you are coming from the East.

• Public transport by buses from all directions.

• Bike paths along the length of Rokach Boulevard and Park Hayarkon. There is a nearby Tel Ofen bike station (just beneath the bridge) and bike stands can be found in the underground parking lot (on the two levels on the south side).

How do I book meeting rooms?

At MIXER there are eight fully-equipped meeting rooms in a range of sizes, intended for six to twelve participants. Meeting rooms can be booked online through our membership portal.

Do you require a deposit or advance payment?

Upon signing a the contract, you will be asked to make a deposit equivalent to a month and a half of the rental fee.

What is the notice period to end a contract?

For a monthly contract, you are required to give notice of ending the contract at least 30 days before the beginning of the next calendar month.

How will I receive my monthly invoice?

A digitally signed invoice will be sent monthly via email.

How much does parking cost at MIXER?

Free parking is included in private offices membership. All community members are entitled to purchase a monthly car parking subscription or daily parking vouchers at a reduced price.

What are the parking arrangements at MIXER TEL AVIV?

Members of the MIXER community enjoy plentiful parking spaces and are permitted to park in any one of the Mercaz Hayeridim’s parking lots. The easiest way to access them is through one of the following gates:
• Gate 7 for the underground parking lot - from this parking lot there is direct and quick access to the offices via the elevators.
• Gate 9 on Rokeah Boulevard for the outside (ocean) parking lot, immediately after the Luna Park and the gas station.
• Gate 1 for entry to Building 1’s underground parking lot, and from there to the parking lot for Building 2 via the underground passageway. Gate 1 is the main gate to the Mercaz Hayeridim and is open every day of the week and all hours of the day, apart from the beginning to the end of Shabbat.
You can purchase daily stickers/vouchers from the reception for the special price of 30nis + VAT.

Can I bring my pets?

MIXER is pet-friendly. We permit pets to stay on the third floor of the premises, in accordance with the rules of the site.

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